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Could Marketing Courses Destroy Your Career?

Could Marketing Courses Destroy Your Career?

As a dedicated career person, you’ve probably thought about furthering your career by taking some online courses. Perhaps some marketing courses or an Executive MBA. But what if that could ruin everything you’ve been working so hard for?

While an online education is something that many people aim for these days, that doesn’t mean it is without its pitfalls. Namely, choosing the wrong school.

Your education, online and off, will need to stand on its own when you present it on your resume. Unfortunately, some schools have poor reputations and you could end up ruining your forward momentum rather than continuing it with a few well-placed courses.

It doesn’t necessarily matter if you’ve learned the top techniques in your field or not . . . the name of the school matters. While most companies will accept online universities just fine, you should always check out the reputation of the university before you start studying.

Think of it as the difference between attending Harvard or a local community college. One looks great on your resume and the other . . . not so much. When it comes to digital marketing courses, don’t just aim for the cheapest option. You need to make sure you have the best school available to you. This is what will help you move ahead in your career.