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Rockstar Family Cars for Large Families

Rockstar Family Cars for Large Families

Anyone with more than three children knows how difficult it can be to find family cars that not only function well, but look good. If you’re looking for a hot vehicle that will carry your entire brood, here are our top picks.

Ford Flex

Forget the sleek lines of an SUV or the bluntness of a mini van . . . this SUV holds up to seven passengers and has a funky look that will make you the talk of the town. It comes with plenty of safety features and some family-friendly options like a fridge between the second row captain chairs.

Dodge Durango

If you want something that looks tough while carrying all your kids and their friends, this is the SUV that will do the trick. Notable assets include the rough and tumble exterior, a powerful engine and 84.5 cubic feet of cargo space.

Land Rover LR4

Boxy, yet sturdy looking, this version of the Land Rover holds seven passengers, offering plenty of space so even teens will fit nicely. This is a pretty awesome luxury car that is also a family vehicle, plus it’s designed to handle all terrain and weather. Perfect for the family on the go.

Which of these hot family cars would you like to test drive?