MBA Rankings: Top Online Schools

Wondering where to study? MBA Rankings will give you the top schools available so you can choose one of the best schools for your needs. Graduating from a top ranked university can help ensure better jobs later on. In 2015, the top ranked schools in the US are: Indiana University – With a very high score in faculty credentials and training, this university is one of the best options for anyone seeking an executive education. While it offers online classes, student services received a fairly low score. Temple University – Based in Philadelphia, this university has excellent, well trained faculty. Student engagement receives a top score and just about everything about this school is highly recommended, whether you attend in person of online. University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill – Another highly rated university with online MBA courses, UNC gets top scores for student engagement and is not as picky about admissions as the other two schools on the list. However, faculty is still top notch. There are quite a few choices for studying online, but if you want to study with the best, MBA rankings can give you a good idea as to which schools you should be considering. Whether you’re looking at a regular MBA or executive MBA, you’ll find that taking the courses online is an excellent alternative and allows you to attend the best university.

Executive MBA vs. Executive Education

Do you have years of experience as an executive under your belt? If so, going back to school could be much simpler than you thought. Getting an executive education can drastically improve your career path, but you need to have the necessary experience. Most schools will require at least some experience as an executive in order to enroll in an executive education program. However, it’s also important to note that you’re not going to be taking a long term course in this area. With an executive course, you’ll be studying shorter periods of time, to improve specific skillsets. An Executive MBA requires far more time and is a complete university program, from start to finish. You can expect to spend two to four years working on this degree, online or off. At the end of your studies, you’ll have a degree in the field. Which option should you choose? It usually comes down to time and money. Do you need to learn one skill fast? Or are you looking for a longer term solution to move up in your career? Fast classes allow you to build individual skills and fairly quickly, while you’ll want to take a full program if you’re looking to get a degree. The choice is yours.

Digital Marketing Courses for Work at Home Parents

Work at home parents rarely have the time to pursue an education, so digital marketing courses online make life much simpler.  Stay at home and improve your education. A parent who is already working out of their home has a few challenges. As they work to raise children and pursue their chosen career path, there’s not much time for anything else. This is particularly true when it comes to ongoing education. However, if you can study online, your world is instantly opened up. There’s no need for childcare while you spend hours a day at the university. Instead, you can study on your own computer, during naps or when the kids are asleep. Digital marketing courses are more than just a way to stretch your brain, however. For anyone with their own business, these courses can help you increase your business prowess. You’ll learn better marketing techniques and will be able to increase your marketing power fairly quickly. Better yet, these online courses allow you to study whenever you have the time. Parents can set a great example for their children by improving their careers and pursuing ongoing education. Studying online is just a bonus for those who are already working from home.

Cheap Flights: Are You Missing Out?

Who doesn’t want to fly for less, particularly these days, when an airline ticket can cost you an arm and a leg? Too many people are searching for cheap flights in all the wrong places, though. Sure, those online search engines can find you some deals, but you’re missing out if you aren’t also: Subscribed to airline and travel newsletters. You’ll get the most recent discounts available and deals that just don’t last, right in your inbox. Checking regularly. You may not be planning a trip just now, but staying on top of the latest deals means finding really cheap flights sometimes. It might be worth switching your vacation time around, but many flights can be booked ahead so you can take advantage of the offer. Following airlines on social media. Sometime, the best deals are only up for a few hours and you’ll need to be on social media in order to get those. Keep an eye out . . . you never know what you might find. Getting cheap flights isn’t just about searching at the last minute for the best price possible. If you make a habit of keeping up with the latest travel trends and deals, you’ll be able to book your flights for far less.

Could Marketing Courses Destroy Your Career?

As a dedicated career person, you’ve probably thought about furthering your career by taking some online courses. Perhaps some marketing courses or an Executive MBA. But what if that could ruin everything you’ve been working so hard for? While an online education is something that many people aim for these days, that doesn’t mean it is without its pitfalls. Namely, choosing the wrong school. Your education, online and off, will need to stand on its own when you present it on your resume. Unfortunately, some schools have poor reputations and you could end up ruining your forward momentum rather than continuing it with a few well-placed courses. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you’ve learned the top techniques in your field or not . . . the name of the school matters. While most companies will accept online universities just fine, you should always check out the reputation of the university before you start studying. Think of it as the difference between attending Harvard or a local community college. One looks great on your resume and the other . . . not so much. When it comes to digital marketing courses, don’t just aim for the cheapest option. You need to make sure you have the best school available to you. This is what will help you move ahead in your career.

Book Your Hotel with These Tips to Avoid Overpaying

Hotels can take up a large chunk of your vacation fund, but if you book your hotel with care, you can save quite a bit of money.
  1. Book a small hotel or bed and breakfast. A tiny hotel will be cheaper since they pay less in taxes.
  2. Skip the chain hotels. Family businesses tend to give you high quality customer service, because they need to preserve their reputation.
  3. Look for deals. Special deals include 3 for 2 nights. Do searches for these in order to find them in the area you need to book.
  4. Price match. If you find a great online deal, go ahead and call the hotel. They’ll usually give you a better price since they save the booking fee.
  5. Don’t be scared to negotiate. In the off season, hotels, particularly small ones, will lower their prices to fill rooms, so go ahead and ask for a discount.
  6. Pay cash. Let them know you’ll be paying cash and get a lower price, since there’s no commission to the credit card company.
  7. Check at least 5 places for pricing. This will ensure you get the absolute best price.
When you book your hotel, whether you’re booking in person or hotel booking online, there are ways to reduce what you pay. Never overpay for another hotel room again!

Book Your Hotel on These Dates for the Best Rates

The actual date you book your hotel will depend on where you’re traveling to. Going during the off season is a great way to reduce your costs, but the off season varies depending on the climate. The best date will also depend on the type of hotel you are booking. Business hotels, for example, tend to offer lower rates over the weekend, since their clients don’t work those days. Cheap hotels tend to be busy over the weekend, but have empty rooms and discounts during the week. You can also try online hotel booking for the peak season in the area you want to travel to. Most warmer climates will be cheapest during the summer, when it’s too hot to travel there and no one needs more heat. The peak season is when everywhere else is cold and that area is warm. The opposite is true in colder climates, unless you’re looking at a ski destination. Another way to avoid paying too much is to check the conferences in an area. If there is a big event during the time you’re planning your stay, you’ll either need to book far in advance, or plan different dates. A little advance planning can net you the cheapest hotel rates, even for big name hotels. So do your research and enjoy the savings when you book your hotel.

Are Car Rental Companies Spying On You?

Recent reports indicate that some car rental companies now have interior cameras and microphones installed in their rental vehicles. These are supposed to be a feature of the NeverLost program, which allows drivers to get help in an emergency. . . but the fact is that the tools are still there. While companies claim they aren’t yet activating the cameras, the thought of being spied on is something that turns would-be renters off. Despite the fact that this is considered a safety feature, no one really wants to be watched while driving. Especially when you’re in a rental car, where some behavior could be cause to boost the price of the car. Regardless of the reason for the cameras, renters are furious about the invasion of privacy and for good reason. Whether you’re renting luxury cars, family cars or a hybrid, watch out for new technology installed in the dashboard. You can also ask the company if they use NeverLost or interior cameras and mics. Technically, they have to tell you whether or not they will be spying on you . .. but double check before you rent. Would you drive a car rental vehicle with a spycam in it?

5 Things No One Tells You About Cheap Flights

You’ve just booked some dirt cheap flights, but there might be a few things you aren’t aware of. While low cost flying is pretty great, it does come at a price of its own.
  1. Food not included. Meals and snacks are almost always extra when you’re paying the minimal amount for a flight. In some cases, you have to book ahead or you don’t even get to pay for food.
  2. Drinks not included. Depending on the flight, you may not be able to even get a glass of water for free. Some airlines will only provide bottled water . . . for a cost.
  3. No entertainment. If you’re paying rock bottom prices, you can expect minimal, or no, entertainment in the cabin.
  4. Fees on top. Often, the base price of a plane ticket looks great, but by the time you’ve added on all the taxes and fees, it’s suddenly not such a great price after all. In fact, it may even be more than your average flight.
  5. Lack of comfort. Minimal prices mean minimal amenities. Cheaper planes tend to cram the seats together to fit more people in, which means less leg room and less comfort in general.
Is it really worth it to opt for cheap flights? That’s a question only you can answer, once you’re aware of everything you’re truly getting.

5 Ways Car Rental Companies Rip You Off

Since car rental companies pay their agents a commission, the agents are highly motivated to get you to pay more. That means you need to be on the lookout for potential rip-offs.
  1. Check for your car. If you think the agent is pushing an upgrade for costs only, take a look at the lot to see if your car is there. If it is, talk to the manager and let them know you want the upgrade for free, since you were lied to.
  2. Reserve ahead of time. You’ll get better rates if you have already booked the car before you get to the counter.
  3. Take photos. During the pre-rental inspection, things can be missed and these can cause serious problems when you come back and they decide to charge you for the damages, even though they were from a previous client.
  4. Ask questions. It’s tempting to just grab your car and go, but you need to be alert and watch out for mistakes being made.
  5. Read the contract. It’s dull and you just want to get to your destination, but if you don’t read the contract, you could end up paying far more than anticipated. Read it, ask your questions and make sure you understand everything before you sign.
Car rental companies are out to make some money, so be aware of this and beat them at their own game. You just have to pay attention.