Wireless router for internet connections. Isolate on white.

Tired of your home broadband internet not giving you the best bang for your money? You may not realize it, but you can actually change that fairly easily. Here are a few tips that will give you better home broadband.

1. Get an aftermarket router. The router that comes with your broadband internet isn’t the best available, but an aftermarket option can give you a stronger Wi-Fi signal and faster internet.

2. Move the router to a new location. The position of your router can change the speed of your broadband drastically. Keep it away from walls and large pieces of furniture, which can block the signal and reduce your range. Also, avoid putting a phone near the router, as this can cause issues with the Wi-Fi signal.

3. Reset your router on a regular basis. Like any other piece of equipment, your router will tend to slow down over time if it’s left on all the time. When you’re not using it, try turning it off and allowing the equipment to rest.

There are plenty of ways to boost the efficiency of your home broadband internet signal, but these are the simplest options to instantly improve your signal.