Hotels can take up a large chunk of your vacation fund, but if you book your hotel with care, you can save quite a bit of money.

  1. Book a small hotel or bed and breakfast. A tiny hotel will be cheaper since they pay less in taxes.
  2. Skip the chain hotels. Family businesses tend to give you high quality customer service, because they need to preserve their reputation.
  3. Look for deals. Special deals include 3 for 2 nights. Do searches for these in order to find them in the area you need to book.
  4. Price match. If you find a great online deal, go ahead and call the hotel. They’ll usually give you a better price since they save the booking fee.
  5. Don’t be scared to negotiate. In the off season, hotels, particularly small ones, will lower their prices to fill rooms, so go ahead and ask for a discount.
  6. Pay cash. Let them know you’ll be paying cash and get a lower price, since there’s no commission to the credit card company.
  7. Check at least 5 places for pricing. This will ensure you get the absolute best price.

When you book your hotel, whether you’re booking in person or hotel booking online, there are ways to reduce what you pay. Never overpay for another hotel room again!