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Are Car Rental Companies Spying On You?

Are Car Rental Companies Spying On You?

Recent reports indicate that some car rental companies now have interior cameras and microphones installed in their rental vehicles. These are supposed to be a feature of the NeverLost program, which allows drivers to get help in an emergency. . . but the fact is that the tools are still there.

While companies claim they aren’t yet activating the cameras, the thought of being spied on is something that turns would-be renters off. Despite the fact that this is considered a safety feature, no one really wants to be watched while driving. Especially when you’re in a rental car, where some behavior could be cause to boost the price of the car. Regardless of the reason for the cameras, renters are furious about the invasion of privacy and for good reason.

Whether you’re renting luxury cars, family cars or a hybrid, watch out for new technology installed in the dashboard. You can also ask the company if they use NeverLost or interior cameras and mics. Technically, they have to tell you whether or not they will be spying on you . .. but double check before you rent.

Would you drive a car rental vehicle with a spycam in it?