The actual date you book your hotel will depend on where you’re traveling to. Going during the off season is a great way to reduce your costs, but the off season varies depending on the climate.

The best date will also depend on the type of hotel you are booking. Business hotels, for example, tend to offer lower rates over the weekend, since their clients don’t work those days. Cheap hotels tend to be busy over the weekend, but have empty rooms and discounts during the week.

You can also try online hotel booking for the peak season in the area you want to travel to. Most warmer climates will be cheapest during the summer, when it’s too hot to travel there and no one needs more heat. The peak season is when everywhere else is cold and that area is warm. The opposite is true in colder climates, unless you’re looking at a ski destination.

Another way to avoid paying too much is to check the conferences in an area. If there is a big event during the time you’re planning your stay, you’ll either need to book far in advance, or plan different dates.

A little advance planning can net you the cheapest hotel rates, even for big name hotels. So do your research and enjoy the savings when you book your hotel.