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Domains and Webhosting That Won’t Break the Bank

Domains and Webhosting That Won’t Break the Bank

Planning on setting up a website? You already know that you need domains and webhosting, but if you want to save money, you’ll need to be smart about this. Selecting the companies you work with is a big part of registering a domain and creating a site.

It’s usually not recommended to register a domain name and host your site with the same company. Instead, look for companies that are very good at what they do. Register your domain and then point it to your webhost through the nameservers.

All too often , a company that offers cheap hosting will charge a lot for a domain name and vice versa. It’s best to keep these two things separate.

Don’t forget to check for coupon codes when you’re setting everything up. You should be able to Google a coupon easily enough and save a dollar or more on your purchase. While this may not seem like much, every bit counts when you’re starting out.

Once you have your site set up, remember to renew that domain name. Most hosting is paid by the month, which can be done automatically. Your domain name, however, is likely to be an annual thing, which means it’s easier to forget.

Stay on top of your domains and webhosting and don’t pay too much. When in doubt, compare with other sites.