Who doesn’t want the cheapest ADSL broadband? There’s a constant struggle to find lower cost connections and if you know where to look, you could actually end up paying less than anyone you know.

Word of mouth is a very powerful thing and it has even more place when it comes to something like broadband. You want the absolute best, so look at everyone’s opinions and you’ll quickly noticed that one or two companies are starting to come forward.

If you can’t find many reviews either way, go ahead and ask. Jump into a local forum and ask for prices and recommendations. You’ll be surprised at how many people oblige. This is an excellent way to find the sort of service you’re looking for. Since you’re getting real recommendations from people who have already tried the service, you are practically guaranteed success.

Likewise, when people tell you to avoid one of the more advertised companies, you’ll want to listen. One person is an opinion. Two is a good indication that something is up, but if there are three or more people protesting the service, you should certainly pay attention.

Word of mouth is the best choice for finding the right company to work with. If you want the cheapest ADSL broadband available, this is a good way to find it.