Don’t Make These Costly New Car Mistakes!


Buying a new car is a great experience and there’s no better feeling than driving off the lot in a brand new vehicle. However, if you’re not careful, you could end up paying a lot more than anticipated.

  1. Giving in to the pressure. Car dealerships can put a lot of pressure on a new car buyer and for good reason. These tactics tend to work. Stay strong and make a point of sleeping on your decision if necessary.
  2. Not negotiating. If you find it difficult to haggle face to face, you can often do it online. Most dealerships offer online options that allow you to negotiate without dealing with a car salesman.
  3. Planning around monthly payments. You know how much you can afford monthly, but you’re setting yourself up to get ripped off if this is your main focus. Look at the full price of the car and then decide on a term that will fit your monthly budget.

Just because you’re able to buy a new car doesn’t mean the car dealership won’t try to get you to pay more. It pays to keep your eyes open and to be aware when you’re making this important purchase.



Do You Deserve a New Car?


The simple answer to this question is “yes.” Everyone deserves a new car, so why not make your dream become reality? It’s easier than you think. Even if you can’t make a brand new car work for you, there are some alternatives that will make you feel like you’re living abundantly.

If you’re not sure you can afford a new car, you might want to look at certified used cars, which are as close to new as you can get without paying premium prices. Either way, the vehicle will be new to you and that’s the main thing.

For a brand new car, fresh off the lot, you can look at the trade in value of your existing vehicle and that could end up helping you lower the price of the new vehicle to a reasonable amount. Make sure you do your research ahead of time to save money and avoid making mistakes. If you go into the car dealership with a good idea of what you want and how much you can spend, you’ll be ready to make a deal.

Negotiation is part of buying a car, so don’t be afraid to haggle down the price. It’s actually expected and you’ll pay too much if you don’t!


Rockstar Family Cars for Large Families


Anyone with more than three children knows how difficult it can be to find family cars that not only function well, but look good. If you’re looking for a hot vehicle that will carry your entire brood, here are our top picks.

Ford Flex

Forget the sleek lines of an SUV or the bluntness of a mini van . . . this SUV holds up to seven passengers and has a funky look that will make you the talk of the town. It comes with plenty of safety features and some family-friendly options like a fridge between the second row captain chairs.

Dodge Durango

If you want something that looks tough while carrying all your kids and their friends, this is the SUV that will do the trick. Notable assets include the rough and tumble exterior, a powerful engine and 84.5 cubic feet of cargo space.

Land Rover LR4

Boxy, yet sturdy looking, this version of the Land Rover holds seven passengers, offering plenty of space so even teens will fit nicely. This is a pretty awesome luxury car that is also a family vehicle, plus it’s designed to handle all terrain and weather. Perfect for the family on the go.

Which of these hot family cars would you like to test drive?

These Luxury Cars Are Perfect for Parents


Just because you have offspring doesn’t mean you’ve lost interest in the finer things in life. Luxury cars are still just as great when you’re a parent, but you need to consider a few more things when making a purchase with a little one in tow.

Chevrolet Equinox

This elegant car gets great mileage, has a sliding door and plenty of space for children and teens. However, it also features some serious luxury settings and looks gorgeous from the outside.

Mercedes Benz GL350

Elegant and spacious, this luxury vehicle is also a great option for family cars. The interior is designed in leather with dual zone climate controls and back seat entertainment for the kids. There are also plenty of safety features that will impress parents.

Lexus IS

A new family looking for a high class car can’t go wrong with the Lexus. It’s smaller than most luxury cars and ideal for a couple with just one or two children. However, the safety features, easy handling and great fuel economy makes this a good choice for any parents.

When it comes to luxury cars, you can still enjoy a good vehicle even once you’re a parent. Check at your local car dealership to find the best car for your family.

4×4 Cars for Every Need


Everyone has different needs, even those who drive 4×4 cars. Fortunately, there’s a vehicle for every driving style.

4×4 Cars

Most 4×4 cars are pretty rugged looking. They work fine off road, but aren’t necessarily designed for mudding. They’re best of the occasional trip into the woods on logging roads or to a remote campsite.

4×4 SUVs

Take a look at any list of all-terrain vehicles and you’ll find that SUVs are some of the most popular options. Not only do they look great, they’re also sturdy and can handle up to seven passengers, depending on the make of the vehicle. SUVs look good on and off road, so they’re a great choice for families or anyone who needs a vehicle with a little extra oomph.

4×4 Pickups

Plan to haul a lot of feed or materials? Then you’ll want a sturdy pickup truck that can handle the rough terrain. On a practical note, pickups can be excellent for hauling things to distant locations, but there are a number of pickups that are designed specifically for sport. If you enjoy going off road just for the fun of it, these are great choices for you.

It doesn’t matter what you want a 4×4 to do, there’s a vehicle for you.

3 Luxury Cars That Are Totally Overpriced


In general, with luxury cars, you can expect a pretty steep price tag. However, some vehicles go above and beyond when it comes to pricing. The three cars on this list are just a little over the line with their cost.

Ferrari 458 Spider

There’s no doubt this is a gorgeous car, but with a price tag of over a quarter of a million dollars, it’s just a tad out of most people’s price range. Sleek and slick, this sports car only holds two people and is considerably smaller than cars that are a fraction of the price. What you get, however, is prestige.

Lamborghini Aventador

At over half a million bucks, you’d expect a car you can drive over a speed bump, but this low sitting luxury vehicle is probably not going to make it. While the lines are crisp and there’s no doubt that the Aventado has a serious engine under its hood, that’s a lot of moolah for a car that could be a Hot Wheels design.

Porsche 918 Spyder

Apparently, arachnid cars are pricier than others. This compact, 7 speed vehicle is zippy and beautiful, with lines you won’t find in a lesser car. It’s also just under a million dollars. Is any vehicle truly worth seven figures?

For those who can afford these luxury cars, the money might be better spent on something with more space and better mileage. But in the end, that’s up to you.

Family Cars That Won’t Bore You


Mini vans and cute, safe cars are commonly considered family cars, but these days, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there’s no reason your family can’t enjoy luxury or high quality driving. It doesn’t matter how old your children are, you can drive what you want.

There are more options for family cars on the market today than ever before. These include:

The Nissan Murano, which is comfy and sleek looking. While it’s technically an SUV, the Murano looks more like a luxury car. For families, the Around-View Monitor ensures children and their toys stay safe.

The Hyundai Sonata is a simple, yet elegant car with a comfy cabin. It fits five easily and offers plenty of safety features that will set your mind at ease. It’s also one of the top rated cars for teens to drive, so if you have older children, this is a very good choice.

For a little more luxury, check out the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. It offers three rows of seating, yet maintains its compact footprint. There are a lot of little luxury details inside, too, including parking assists and heated or cooled seats. ´

Each of these family cars has its reasons for being on this list. Not one is a dull car and you’ll be proud to drive these with your children in the back.

Family Cars That Single Parents Will Love


When you’re a single parent, you have a lot to deal with. A car shouldn’t be one of the hassles in life, so these family cars are perfectly suited to parents who are handling it all on their own.

Honda Fit

This compact little car may not look like much, but it is very economical when it comes to fuel and can easily hold a parent and two or three children. Add to this the fact that the car has a number of safety options and plenty of cargo space and you have the ideal vehicle for single parents.

Nissan Altima

While not terribly exciting, this car has some excellent safety ratings and plenty of space for the kids and all their goodies. Since this is a relatively large vehicle, you will find that the mileage isn’t as good as a smaller vehicle, but it still gets pretty decent fuel efficiency.

Acura TL

With all-wheel drive, this car is one of the safer options out there. It’s a lot of fun to drive and while the fuel economy isn’t awesome, it’s not bad, either. The vehicle looks great, handles well and has more than enough room for your children.

Single parents on the lookout for a new car will find plenty of options, but these are our top picks for them.

Help! Where Can I Get Cash for Cars?


When you need money soon and don’t have a lot of options, selling your car is one way to make some dough quickly. Cash for cars is usually pretty decent, though it will depend on how fast you need the money.

Ideally, you’ll want to sell to a car dealership or someone who will pay a proper amount of money for the car. Since dealerships offering cash for cars usually work out faster than selling online or through classified ads, many people opt for this.  Another advantage is that a dealership is better equipped to transfer paperwork and handle everything than the average person. After all, this is what they do on a daily basis.

For those who want a quick cash infusion, this is the way to do things. Talk to your local dealership and ask if they offer cash for cars. You might be surprised at how many companies offer this option.

Keep in mind that the dealership is looking to make money in the long run, so you may not get market value for your vehicle, but you should be offered a fair price. If not, go ahead and negotiate or look elsewhere to sell your car.

3 Signs Car Dealerships Are Out to Cheat You


No one likes to be taken advantage of, but unfortunately, car dealerships are notorious for preying on those who don’t fully understand the process of purchasing a new car. You just need to know the signs, though, and you can protect yourself against unscrupulous salespeople.

  1. Warranties are forced on you. The salesperson may attempt to add a warranty to your existing deal, which is not legal. There are actually a few ways this can go down, so if you are being forced to buy a warranty, go ahead and ask to have a copy so you can check with your lawyer. This should eliminate any foul play.
  2. No warranty vehicles are offered. These cars are almost never in decent shape. Chances are, the vehicles have been fixed up to look nice while they get you to make a purchase, but they’ll come apart shortly, since almost all have been totaled in the past. If a car dealership offers warranty free vehicles, walk away . . . there’s no telling what else they’re trying to sneak by you.
  3. Undercutting your credit score. A common scam is to tell you that your credit score was too low for a really good price. Check your score before you head to the dealership so you can call them on this if they try to fudge the numbers.

There are any number of ways to be cheated by a car salesman, but if you’re looking for a new car, it’s worth finding a dealership that is straightforward.