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Family Cars That Single Parents Will Love

Family Cars That Single Parents Will Love

When you’re a single parent, you have a lot to deal with. A car shouldn’t be one of the hassles in life, so these family cars are perfectly suited to parents who are handling it all on their own.

Honda Fit

This compact little car may not look like much, but it is very economical when it comes to fuel and can easily hold a parent and two or three children. Add to this the fact that the car has a number of safety options and plenty of cargo space and you have the ideal vehicle for single parents.

Nissan Altima

While not terribly exciting, this car has some excellent safety ratings and plenty of space for the kids and all their goodies. Since this is a relatively large vehicle, you will find that the mileage isn’t as good as a smaller vehicle, but it still gets pretty decent fuel efficiency.

Acura TL

With all-wheel drive, this car is one of the safer options out there. It’s a lot of fun to drive and while the fuel economy isn’t awesome, it’s not bad, either. The vehicle looks great, handles well and has more than enough room for your children.

Single parents on the lookout for a new car will find plenty of options, but these are our top picks for them.