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Family Cars That Won’t Bore You

Family Cars That Won’t Bore You

Mini vans and cute, safe cars are commonly considered family cars, but these days, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there’s no reason your family can’t enjoy luxury or high quality driving. It doesn’t matter how old your children are, you can drive what you want.

There are more options for family cars on the market today than ever before. These include:

The Nissan Murano, which is comfy and sleek looking. While it’s technically an SUV, the Murano looks more like a luxury car. For families, the Around-View Monitor ensures children and their toys stay safe.

The Hyundai Sonata is a simple, yet elegant car with a comfy cabin. It fits five easily and offers plenty of safety features that will set your mind at ease. It’s also one of the top rated cars for teens to drive, so if you have older children, this is a very good choice.

For a little more luxury, check out the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. It offers three rows of seating, yet maintains its compact footprint. There are a lot of little luxury details inside, too, including parking assists and heated or cooled seats. ´

Each of these family cars has its reasons for being on this list. Not one is a dull car and you’ll be proud to drive these with your children in the back.