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3 Luxury Cars That Are Totally Overpriced

3 Luxury Cars That Are Totally Overpriced

In general, with luxury cars, you can expect a pretty steep price tag. However, some vehicles go above and beyond when it comes to pricing. The three cars on this list are just a little over the line with their cost.

Ferrari 458 Spider

There’s no doubt this is a gorgeous car, but with a price tag of over a quarter of a million dollars, it’s just a tad out of most people’s price range. Sleek and slick, this sports car only holds two people and is considerably smaller than cars that are a fraction of the price. What you get, however, is prestige.

Lamborghini Aventador

At over half a million bucks, you’d expect a car you can drive over a speed bump, but this low sitting luxury vehicle is probably not going to make it. While the lines are crisp and there’s no doubt that the Aventado has a serious engine under its hood, that’s a lot of moolah for a car that could be a Hot Wheels design.

Porsche 918 Spyder

Apparently, arachnid cars are pricier than others. This compact, 7 speed vehicle is zippy and beautiful, with lines you won’t find in a lesser car. It’s also just under a million dollars. Is any vehicle truly worth seven figures?

For those who can afford these luxury cars, the money might be better spent on something with more space and better mileage. But in the end, that’s up to you.