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3 Signs Car Dealerships Are Out to Cheat You

3 Signs Car Dealerships Are Out to Cheat You

No one likes to be taken advantage of, but unfortunately, car dealerships are notorious for preying on those who don’t fully understand the process of purchasing a new car. You just need to know the signs, though, and you can protect yourself against unscrupulous salespeople.

  1. Warranties are forced on you. The salesperson may attempt to add a warranty to your existing deal, which is not legal. There are actually a few ways this can go down, so if you are being forced to buy a warranty, go ahead and ask to have a copy so you can check with your lawyer. This should eliminate any foul play.
  2. No warranty vehicles are offered. These cars are almost never in decent shape. Chances are, the vehicles have been fixed up to look nice while they get you to make a purchase, but they’ll come apart shortly, since almost all have been totaled in the past. If a car dealership offers warranty free vehicles, walk away . . . there’s no telling what else they’re trying to sneak by you.
  3. Undercutting your credit score. A common scam is to tell you that your credit score was too low for a really good price. Check your score before you head to the dealership so you can call them on this if they try to fudge the numbers.

There are any number of ways to be cheated by a car salesman, but if you’re looking for a new car, it’s worth finding a dealership that is straightforward.