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3 Ways to Lower the Cost of Home Insurance

3 Ways to Lower the Cost of Home Insurance
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Are the high costs of home insurance getting to you? It might be time to look into what you can do to drop your costs.

1. Combine auto and home insurance. If you buy coverage from a company that offers both, you may get a discount. This is a great way to drop costs by up to 15%, so find out if your insurance company offers packages. Don’t forget to check them against other packages to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

2. Improve your security. Did you know that your insurance rates are based partially on the security measures you have in your home? Things like smoke detectors, alarms and specialty locks on windows and doors can actually reduce your premiums.

3. Maintain a great credit score. The better your score, the better rates you’ll get. This means you’ll need to stay on top of things like debt and credit card spending, but it’s well worth it.

Home and mortgage insurance costs can take a big bite out of your paycheck if you’re not careful. Use these simple tips to save money without sacrificing quality or standards. It often only takes a few minutes of planning to save plenty of money.