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Business Loans: Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes

Business Loans: Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes
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Starting a business requires some money and business loans are one of the more popular choices. Unfortunately, many companies make some big mistakes when they’re starting out. Avoid these common problems when looking for a loan.

1. Not asking for the right amount. Do you know what it will cost you to get your business going, down to the penny? While that may be a little too detailed, you should have an extensive, realistic business plan in hand when you request a loan. Too often, this number is guesstimated, which can end up causing issues when you either run out of money too soon or end up paying too much back.

2. Presenting a badly written business plan. If you can’t create a high quality business plan yourself, then you will need to hire someone to do it for you. Remember that first impressions count. No one will lend your business money if you only have a very basic or badly designed plan.

3. Not checking your credit score. Since your score can have a very big impact on whether or not you get a small business loan, you should really make sure it’s decent. If not, spend some time building your rating back up before you try applying for a loan.

These simple mistakes are very easy to make. Take the time to prepare everything correctly, whether it’s online loans or offline ones that you’re looking at.