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2015 Small Car Comparison: Ford Focus vs. Mazda 3

2015 Small Car Comparison: Ford Focus vs. Mazda 3
Red car view from rear, near the bridge, Riga, Latvia

Compact cars can be the perfect way to keep gas costs down, while still giving you space. In today’s small car comparison, the Ford Focus is up against the Mazda 3.

While both cars are stylish to the max, the Mazda does a little better in the safety department, thanks to a long list of safety features. These include a Lane Departure Warning, auto high beams, Blind Spot Monitoring and Smart City Brake Support. The downside is a lack of visibility, due to thick door pillars. The Focus offers the basics and is certainly a safe car, but it’s not necessarily the best and lacks some of the higher end features of the Mazda 3.

Both vehicles are good on gas and relatively low cost to drive, which is very important in a small car comparison. However, in terms of performance, the Focus wins out over the Mazda, thanks to great steering and easy handling. The Mazda, on the other hand tends to have slightly stiff steering.
Pricewise, the Ford Focus runs slightly higher than the Mazda 3, but the difference is so minor that it probably won’t affect your purchase decision.

In the end, both vehicles are top of the line and great options. Which one is best for you? Only you can decide.