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3 Hybrid Cars to Keep an Eye On

3 Hybrid Cars to Keep an Eye On

Hybrid cars are really coming into their own these days and there aren’t many companies that don’t offer a hybrid. Some new car designs, however, stand out from the rest and are worth watching if you’re in the market.

Ford C-Max
With a SUV style exterior, the C-Max is remarkably similar to the Ford Focus. With dual electric motors, the car is fun to drive and is currently being updated to offer even more capability. It takes just 7.9 seconds to go from 0-60 and has a top speed of 104 mph. Not bad for a hybrid.

Toyota Prius
Car dealerships are seeing an influx in interest in this vehicle. With its slick lines reminiscent of a sports car, this vehicle is best known for incredible mileage and a top speed of 115 mph. What it doesn’t have, however, is oomph in acceleration, but you’ll be saving so much money on gas that you might not even mind.

Chevrolet Volt
This smart looking vehicle gets around 50 miles on a full charge, but the real selling point is the fact that it drives like a gas engine all the time. It’s not incredible when it comes to acceleration, but is still more than enough to keep drivers happy.

Watch for the upcoming versions of these hybrid cars, too. New car innovations are constantly popping up and being added.