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5 Celebrities Who Drive Hybrid Cars

5 Celebrities Who Drive Hybrid Cars

Famous folks are watched by millions of people, so things like choosing a green car can have a big impact. A large number of celebrities drive hybrid cars. In fact, you might be surprised at how many do. Let’s take a look.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio. This celeb is known for being green and nothing shows this better than his love of hybrid cars. He’s been seen in a few different ones, including the Fisker Karma.
  2. Ben Affleck. This famous actor and director needs a safe car to drive his brood around in and since celebrities tend to love luxury cars, his hybrid of choice is a Lexus.
  3. Josh Duhamel. Along with his wife, Fergie, Josh enjoys drying hybrids. Not just any car will do, though . . . his preference runs to the green SUV type vehicles.
  4. Ryan Gosling. This eco-friendly young celebrity can be spotted on road trips in his hybrid Toyota, which he loves to travel in.
  5. Shenae Grimes. The star may be hip in 90210 on television, but in real life, she’s even cooler. The actress drives a Toyota Prius and gets great mileage.

With so many celebrities choosing to go green, it makes sense that everyday folks can, too.