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Cloud Hosting for Dummies

Cloud Hosting for Dummies

You may have heard people talking about cloud hosting, but perhaps you’re still not sure what it is. Not surprisingly, with the way technology moves and improves, many people don’t really know what cloud hosting is.

The concept is surprisingly simple. It has completely changed the way we compute forever. Instead of storing everything on your computer, your data is stored on a network of computers. Despite the futuristic sound of it all, cloud computing has been around for a while.

Now, you can use this technology to host your website, which actually has some serious advantages. Instead of relying on your data being on one server or computer, which could go down at any point, it’s shared between a number of different computers. The end result is that your site will stay up, even if one or more of the computers is down.

The cloud is not just an airy fairy concept, it’s a physical thing that helps you provide stability to your users. Many website owners prefer to choose the most stable option, particularly for online business and this is it. That being said, there are some downsides to cloud hosting, so stay tuned for further information on that side of things in the future.