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The Perfect Website Address: How to Find It

The Perfect Website Address: How to Find It

You’ve decided to go ahead and invest in a domain name, but you need the perfect website address. How do you figure out what you should call your site? There are a few factors.

Easy to remember. You want people to recall your URL easily, so keep it to something that they’ll remember, instead of random numbers and letters.

Short and sweet. Ideally, your website address will be short, with a maximum of two words. It’s definitely getting more difficult to find short URLs, however, so you may need to settle for something a little longer.

Uses .com. While you can certainly use different ends to your website URL, .com is still the most widely recognized and is a trusted option to use, as opposed to .info or something similar.

Unique. While it might be fun to use a funky spelling that sounds the same as another website, this will only hurt you in the long run. You’ll end up with people heading to the other site instead of yours.

Don’t rush into buying your website address. The perfect domain is out there, but it might take a little time to find it, so be patient and brainstorm several potential URLs before you choose one.