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Car Insurance Secrets Everyone Should Know

Car Insurance Secrets Everyone Should Know
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Car insurance is mandatory, but paying top rate for it is not. In fact, you can save quite a bit of money by simply paying attention to these simple secrets.

1. Some Companies Limit Discounts
Do you qualify for a special discount with your car insurance? If you qualify for more than one, don’t be surprised if you’re only allowed to use one on your coverage. This is pretty standard, so it’s worth asking about.

2. Insure All Cars with the Same Policy
When you insure multiple vehicles, ask if there is a multi-vehicle policy that will give you a discount. More and more companies are offering these nowadays.

3. Don’t Commute to Save Money
Not only does ride-sharing save you gas money, it can also drop your premiums. Why? The concept is simple, really. The more you drive, the more likely you are to have a mishap. Insurance companies will often lower your rate if you don’t commute.

4. Some Safety Features Save You $$
Airbags and car alarms or an anti-theft device can help lower those premiums, too. While not all security and safety options will net you lower rates, ask your insurance company what they give discounts for and consider investing in those additions.

5. Skip the Collision Insurance
Not on all cars, but if your car is old and not worth much, you may not even need collision insurance.

When you compare car insurance policies, always look for potential discounts. You never know.