Are you in debt? Most people are. If you’ve been struggling to eliminate your debt and get back on top of your finances, interest free credit cards could be the answer.

When you sign up for a zero interest credit card, you generally have a year to 18 months before you will start paying interest again. What many people are doing is paying off their debts within that timeframe.

Take a look at your current debt. How much are you paying in interest? Chances are, it’s pretty high and that interest is a large part of your monthly payment. That makes it virtually impossible to get ahead again and pay everything off.

The trick is to transfer your current debt, or at least as much as possible, to your interest free credit cards. You can then pay them off without worrying about interest and the same amount of money will go much further toward eliminating your debts.  However, be aware that you need to get everything paid off before those interest rates kick in, since they tend to be even higher than usual.

By using your credit cards to pay off debt, you can finally get back to debt free. It’s a great feeling!