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Cheap Flights May Cost You More Than You Think

Cheap Flights May Cost You More Than You Think

Who doesn’t want to get a flight for less? Unfortunately, you could end up paying a lot more than you expect for that rock bottom ticket. Here are a few things that can add up.


Many airlines charge you for a second suitcase, but if you get your ticket super cheap, check that you actually get a suitcase included in the ticket price. Often, cheap flights will charge you for everything above a carry on.


Meals aren’t necessarily provided on flights anymore and if you are flying cheap, don’t expect to be fed. Instead, bring along your own food or expect to pay some restaurant prices for low class airline food.


The first price you see for a ticket might look great, but it doesn’t take much to double that with taxes. Unfortunately, not all deals will clue you in to the real price, taxes included.


Watch out for those tricky surcharges and fees. They can be for fuel or any number of other things, but it all has one end effect, higher prices.

Seat Selection

Want to decide where you are going to sit? That will probably cost you! More and more airlines are charging for the privilege of selecting your seats. If you’re traveling with a friend or family member and want to sit together, you may have to pay.